On November 6, thunderous cheers erupted from Moe’s in West Melbourne, FL as Katye Campbell was declare the winner of the seat on the School Board in District 5 in Brevard County.  From the moment the first results came in, it was evident that Katye would be hard to beat, starting with a 13 point lead.

Katye’s lead hovered at that amount for the rest of the night, until all the 25 voting precincts reported in with 26,073 votes for Katye (57.01%) with 19,660 votes (42.99%) for her opponent, Kelly Damerow.

A victory speech was replaced by a tearful list of “thank you’s” and a plea for continued prayer as she jumps immediately into the position.

From Katye’s facebook page, “Thank you! Two words are not enough. So, I will try to thank you for the next four years by working at what I’ve been called to do with all my heart. I believe good things are in store for Brevard Public Schools.”