Katye Interviewed by WUCF about the Book Choice process

Katye Interviewed by WUCF on Book Removal Process

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Krystel Knowles from WUCF-TV recently discussed with Katye Campbell, a Brevard Public School Board Member, regarding the county’s protocol for reviewing and potentially removing books from classrooms. This process is initiated when a parent or resident decides to challenge a book in the school library. 

Katye is RE-elected for a second term

Brevard has SPOKEN!   By winning the Mail In Vote, the Early Vote, she had a great lead before an Election Day vote was counted!  The decisive win by 15 points, an even higher margin that 2018, Brevard was very clear about who they wanted to represent them. 

Katye is “humbled and grateful” for all the trust and support that the voters of Brevard have placed in here and she will continue to work to support every student, teacher, parent, administrator, staff member and citizen to make Brevard Public Schools the best they can possibly be.

Brevard chooses Katye again!

Space Coast Daily, one of our most popular local media outlets, held an online straw poll on Facebook and overwhelmingly the populace picked Katye by the LARGEST MARGIN of any of it’s Brevard county straw polls!

Brevard county keeps picking Katye!

Thanks for your time at Palm Bay Independence Day Celebration

Thanks so much to the amazing volunteers that have helped us, most recently, at the Palm Bay Independence Celebration, but also throughout the whole campaign.   Whether you are walking neighborhoods, setting up decorations, delivering signs, storing supplies, making social media graphics or helping with strategy for the next phase, we appreciate you all!   You guys are amazing and your commitment to helping Katye get re-elected is inspiring.  I wish we had pictures of you all, because we missed a bunch of you from just yesterday. 

It was great getting to talk with so many people in  the community and celebrate our nation’s independence and freedom.  If you’d like a sign or to join this awesome group of volunteers committed to making sure our school district has the best leadership possible, just fill out the form below.

Katye has QUALIFIED for the Election

Katye Has Qualified

Thanks so much to all the people who filled out petitions or asked their friends to or went door to door helping us get the required amount of petitions to be qualified to be put on the ballot for the primary on August 23rd.  We were notified recently by the Supervisor of Elections off that Katye has met the petition requirement and is officially moved past the simple state of “announced” and on to “qualified”!  Thanks again!

Now the real work begins.  We are so thankful for the many people who have expressed their desire to back Katye, walk neighborhoods, put our signs and all the other things that have to be done to secure a victory in the primary on August 23rd and a seat on the board for the next 4 years!