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What District 5 voters have said about Katye Campbell

Katye is on mission to serve the students and families of BREVARD. I appreciate her genuine care for the educational, emotional and social well being as she serves all constituents with conviction & experience.


Teacher's aide

Thank you for fighting for our children and following your calling.  Keep up the good work in Brevard!



It has been a blessing and a privilege to know Katye Campbell.  She is truly a woman of integrity, honesty and compassion.  Katye truly wants the very best for our students, teachers, administrators, and school employees.  It shows her leadership, in her decisions, an in the way she listens to people. I wholeheartedly support Katye for School Board and look forward to another 4 years with her direction and compassion for Brevard Public Schools.


Worship Associate and Private Bassoon Instructor

Thank you, Katye, for all the hard work you've done and continuing to stand for what is right for our kids.



I endorse Mrs. Campbell based in her principles, background, experience and her position about the role of the parents in their children's education.


Spanish Pastor at a local church

"Throughout the pandemic, Katye has been such a light on the Board. She comes with data, understanding, her approach is always with the kids in mind, and what I love most about her is that she stays true to her heart & beliefs."


District Relations, Florida Virtual School

"{Katye} is exactly what we need. Someone who is real and authentic and has our kids in her best interest will be a breath of fresh air for teachers, admin, parents, and families."


Middle School Teacher and parent

"If you are interested in integrity and someone who will put the best interest of our kids first, please vote for Katye Campbell for school board in district 5."


Application developer

"If only someone really good would run… Someone REALLY GOOD is and I'm asking you to get to know her and give her your support!"


Sales rep and grandmother

Thank you, Katye, for all the hard work you've done and continuing to stand for what is right for our kids.



"I can't begin to explain how perfect she is for this position. She is a former teacher, has so much common sense, an incredible drive for our kids and absolutely wonderful. As a side note, I go to her for any kind of wisdom and just for anything fun in life."


Wife and Grade School parent

"Katye is one of the most responsible, honest, dedicated and loving people that I have met. We need Katye in the school board."


Realtor and Parent of high school student

"Space Coast friends, please get ready to support my friend Katye as she runs for School Board. She has my 100% endorsement and support!"


Pastor, author and grandparent

"Katye is a dedicated and devoted wife, mother of three, and is passionate about serving our community well in this endeavor. She has sound wisdom and understanding with regards to what's best for our students in Brevard County and will serve with all her heart in this capacity."


Retired teacher

"I have zero doubt that she'll be amazing."


Coach/Teacher and Grade school parent

"Katye is the type of person that we need in local government."


Retired teacher and grandparent

"I have never endorsed any candidate for any office on Facebook. I endorse Katye Campbell wholeheartedly."


Teacher and parent

"It's not very often that a girl can get truly excited about a candidate for public office...We need a voice of reason and a citizens' advocate in this position."


Sales rep and mom

Katye has proven her courage to act with integrity, as well as her commitment to study the issues and to work hard for the best solutions. She has demonstrated her devotion to the true needs of our students. We need Katye on the School Board!


Author and parent

"Many of us having been saying that District 5 has needed a new representative for years, and I’m so excited that Katye is stepped up to the plate!"


Doula and Grade School parent

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Endorsements for the 2018 election

This race was a hard one, that was made even harder, as late in the race, we said goodbye to a precious member of our home, Jim’s mom, Ann Campbell. 

One of the campaign’s and Katye’s staunch supporters, she was a retired teacher who dedicated her life to the education of children.   She, along Jim’s Dad, “Mr. James”, always encouraged Jim to reach his goals through education.  Our house is learning to adjust to the new normal without “Miss Ann”.

Katye has demonstrated knowledge and experiences other candidates in this and previous races for this seat have been unable to show.  She is right on protecting our kids and has a solid foundation for her decisions.   While her opponent was a good interview, the information solicited indicates she is not right on school safety and the emphasis on expenditures without real answers on paying for them can’t earn her this vote.

MICK’S PICKS- THE GENERAL ELECTION 2018: How I am voting (or would)


I believe Katye Campbell is our best candidate for the Brevard School Board and heartily endorse her for the office.  Katye will be well prepared for the job with the desire to do the right thing after careful study of the issue. She’ll respect the value of the taxpayer’s dollars and with her own children in school will have first hand knowledge of school operations and the effectiveness of many programs.   Katye Campbell is a humble and intelligent individual who will not headlong rush our schools from one financial fiasco to another.  Katye is honest and trustworthy, the type of personal character we need on our School Board.

Scott Ellis

Scott Ellis

Brevard Clerk of Court

Personhood Florida Pro-life PAC today endorsed over 50 prolife candidates for federal, state, district, and local offices across Florida in elections in 2018.   All endorsed candidates signed a Personhood Affirmation indicating their agreement to Personhood FL ProLife PAC’s comprehensive prolife principles.  
Candidates also affirmed that all humans should be protected under the Florida and US Constitutions from the beginning of the biological development of that human being to natural death. Moreover, candidates agreed to defend all innocent human life including preborn babies irrespective of their manner of conception, the elderly, and the disabled. 

Personhood FL ProLife PAC Chair Bryan Longworth praised the endorsements and encouraged prolife voters to support prolife candidates.
“Personhood FL ProLife PAC has today endorsed candidates who have committed to protecting all innocent human life, without exception. It’s no longer sufficient to merely be against abortion in certain circumstances. Being prolife in the 21st Century demands that we defend innocent human life in and out the womb from beginning to end. I encourage prolife Florida voters to support these candidates with their votes, their time, and their donations.”

Katye Campbell is the only candidate in the District 5 race endorsed by Personhood Florida ProLife PAC.  To see a list of other candidates across Florida, click here.

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