We Need Your Help

Filing for the election was the first step in a long journey.

We’ll need to get 899 petitions signed for us to be ready to run.  That’s where you come in!

To fill one out, you must be a registered voter in Brevard county (any district).

The election laws are strict with good reason!  For example, if you don’t enter your name as it appears exactly on your voter registration card, we won’t be able to use that form and we’ll have to ask you to fill out another.

We’ve made this as easy as we can.  Please fill out the form completely.
1)  Click here for the petition.
2)  Click into the areas designated for you to fill out, and type away.  You can actually type in the blanks where you are instructed to type and type in your name and things before you print the form.
(***Make sure your name is exactly as it appears on your voter registration card.)
3)  When you’re through, print it out
4)  Sign it as your name is printed on your voter registration card.
5)  Date it.
6)  Then mail it to:

Katye Campbell for School Board
1737 Attilburgh Blvd
West Melbourne, FL 32904

Feel free to drop it by also, if you want to save a stamp!

Thanks so much!  

Feel free to share our link with your friends.

Contact Katye Campbell for School Board
Email katye4schoolboard@gmail.com
Phone (321) 405-2523.

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